Jeanine Cook, PhD

   Associate Professor, Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

   New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM 88003


   Office: Thomas and Brown 127

   (575) 646-3153



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I currently direct the Advanced Computer Architecture Performance and Simulation Laboratory. I teach courses in computer architecture and have research interests in the areas of microarchitecture simulation techniques, performance modeling and analysis, workload characterization, and microarchitectural power optimizations. When I'm not working, I'm out in the desert or wilderness riding my horse, Ringo Starr, or I'm hanging out with my dogs, chickens, and cats. I'm married to a wonderful guy who also enjoys the outdoors on his mule, Max.





Advanced Computer Architecture Performance and Simulation Laboratory (ACAPS)


Army High Performance Computing Research Center





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Doctoral Dissertations


"A Monte Carlo Approach to Modeling Processor Performance". Ramkumar Srinivasan. 2007



Master Thesis, Technical reports

"An Analytic Regression Model for Performance Prediction of the Opteron Processor". Kiran Mothekani. 2007


"Validating Processor Power Models through Real-Time Temperature Measurement". Nishchay Bharati. 2007


"Compiler-Directed Functional Unit Shut-Down for Microarchitecture Power Optimization". Santosh Talli. 2006


"Increasing Computational Utilization Through Grid Computing". Rajesh Nayar. 2006


"A Self-contained Power-aware FPGA Based Data Acquisition Architecture for Satellite Systems". Subhash Gutti. 2006


"Increasing Simulator Speed by Optimizing the Mapping Between the Native Architecture and the Simulator: A Look at Simulator Workload Characterization". Lee Finley. 2005


"Uniprocessor Performance Analysis of Representative Workload Of Sandia Laboratories' Scientific Applications". Charles Laverty. 2005


"Understanding the Effects of Microarchitectural Parameters on the Uniprocessor Performance of Sandia Scientific Applications". Dana Hardin. 2005


"Modeling the Effects of Speculative Instruction Execution in a Functional Cache Simulator ". Amol Pandit. 2005


"Techniques for Accelerating Microprocessor Simulation". Ram Srinivasan. 2004


"Static and Dynamic Workload Characterization of SPEC SPU2000 Workloads". Kunxiang Yan. 2004


"Toward Accurate Performance Evaluation Using Hardware Counters". Wiplove Mathur. 2004


"An FPGA Implementation of a MIPS RISC Processor for Computer Architecture Education". Victor Rubio. 2004


"IntrinsicData Locality of Modern Scientific Workloads". Sharath Ramanathan. 2003


"Dynamic Detection of Workload Execution Phases". Matthew Alsleben. 2002



Current students


Dustin Balise


M.S. candidate

Brandon Lackey


M.S. candidate

Brandon Hofacket


M.S. candidate




Waleed Al-Kohlani


Ph.D candidate

Sue Schibel


Ph.D candidate




Heather D. Pfeiffer




Past students


Matt Alsleben


M.S. (2002)  


White Sands Missile Range, NM

Sharath Ramanathan


M.S. (2003)


Sun Microsystems, India

Wiplove Mathur


M.S. (2004)


Texas Instruments, CA

Kunxiang Yan


M.S. (2004)


MS student at San Diego State University

Victor Rubio


M.S. (2004)


White Sands Missile Range, NM

Amol Pandit


M.S. (2005)


Intel Corporation, CA

Charles Laverty


M.S. (2005)


Dana Hardin


M.S. (2005)


Sandia National Labs, NM

Lee Finley


M.S. (2005)



Subhash Gutti


M.S. (2006)



Rajesh Nayar


M.S. (2006)



Santosh Talli


M.S. (2006)



Nishchay Bharati


M.S. (2007)



Kiran Mothekani


M.S. (2007)








Ram Srinivasan


Ph.D (2007)





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