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Computational Fourier Optics

by David Voelz

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Computational Fourier Optics is a book published by SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering in their tutorial text series (vol. TT89). The book shows the reader in a tutorial form how to implement Fourier optical theory and analytic methods on the computer. Step-by-step examples are presented throughout the text that involve programming functions, vectors, equations and taking transforms in MATLAB. The MATLAB programming environment is optimized for vector and matrix operations and is therefore a good tool for Fourier optics simulations, which generally involve at least two dimensions.

A primary objective of the book is to give students of Fourier optics the capability of programming their own basic wave optics beam propagation and imaging simulations. Professional engineers and physicists learning Fourier optics simulation techniques, either as a self study text or a text for a short course, will find this book useful. For more advanced study, the later chapters and appendices provide methods and examples for modeling beams and pupil functions with more complicated structure, aberrations and partial coherence.

Test image files
A 250 250 pixel rendition of a USAF resolution test chart is used in the examples and exercises throughout chapters 7 and 8. The .png file is provided below. Right-click on the image then copy and paste the file into a directory on your computer.

A few other test images for use in the imaging codes are also provided below. The radial spokes target provides a nice visual illustration of the effects of image resolution/cutoff frequency. The cameraman is a standard reference image for image processing algorithm comparison.

USAF Test Chart (250 x 250)                                      Radial Spokes (250 x 250)                                        Cameraman (256 x 256)
(Filename: USAF1951B250.png)                                 (Filename: spokes250.png)                                        ((Filename: cameraman.png)

test chart png         spokes test image        cameraman test image

MATLAB files
MATLAB files for the text examples and the exercises are available - primarily for instructors or professionals as opposed to students in a course. Please contact the author at the email given below.

Latest errata
Full list of corrections to date:  Errata 11-18-2013
Your copy may already include some corrections as the publisher is making corrections in subsequent printing runs.

Text Comments
Clarifications and comments for some parts of the text: Comments 11-03-2011

Author Contact Information

Dr. David Voelz
Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM  88003